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Zoe Pops - Roast Chicken & Rosemary

Zoe Pops - Roast Chicken & Rosemary

Zoe Pill Pops are 100% natural, chewy treats with a soft centre you can pop a pill in to when needed, or just feed by themselves as a delicious reward. Ideal for putting in toys and treat balls also, like Dozers and Kongs. 

Approx 4cm x 2cm. Each pop is individually wrapped. Ideal for taking with you on the go and to shows. No corn, wheat or soy. Real chicken and rosemary flavour. 100% natural. In a 100 gram resealable pack.  

Zoe is available in: Tender Bites Apple & Cinnamon, Pill Pops Chicken & Rosemary,  Pill Pops Peanut Butter & Honey.

Zoe Tender Bites are smaller than Pill Pops, about 1cm, ideal for training, rewards and for bait in the show ring. 

Crude protein min 9.0%
Crude fat min 9.0%
Crude fiber max 1.5%
Moisture max 33.0%

Not for human consumption. Feed as a treat or to train and reward. For supplemental feeding only.

Barley Flour, Chicken, Vegetable Glycerin, Molasses, Whey Protein, Natural Roasted Chicken Flavour, Rosemary, Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols.

Not for human consumption.

Treats are used for training and snacks, and should not make up the majority of a pet’s diet. A general rule of thumb is all treats combined should be 10% or less of the pet’s daily calorie intake. Treats are supplemental to a complete and balanced diet, and are not a complete and balanced food. It is recommended to check calorie levels and feed treats appropriately to avoid excessively increasing a pet’s calorie intake, in order to avoid a pet becoming overweight, and to avoid causing an imbalance in the diet.