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About Nutrience

Nutrience is made in Canada by Rolf C. Hagen - a family business founded in 1955, who have their own pet food facility for complete quality control.  Hagen products are sold all around the world. Here's founder Rolf C. Hagen (pictured below left) in their original premises.

Nutrience is proudly brought to New Zealand by Petware - a family business that's been serving the NZ specialist pet industry for over 40 years.  Nutrience is available at vet clinics & pet stores nationwide throughout NZ, as well as online from pet stores and vet clinics who offer eCommerce.

Happiness is Homemade

With almost 10 million square kilometres of lakes, rivers and forests, that means some of the best raw ingredients are on Hagen's doorstep.  Cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest, turkey from Fraser Valley & produce direct from Canadian farmers, ranchers & fishermen.

Only the best raw ingredients make it into every bag of Nutrience.  The focus is on sourcing the best quality ingredients as close to possible to the production facility to strive for continual freshness. 

Wild-caught fish, meat & poultry are delivered fresh, for a noticeable improvement in palatability to the last bite.  Nutrience is made with minimally-processed ingredients & a multi-protein approach to more closely mimic a carnivore’s ancestral diet.

No Bad Anything

The Nutrience ‘No Bad Anything’ promise represents our unwavering attention to quality & ongoing commitment to natural, wholesome nutrition.

  • That means no corn, wheat or soy.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Small batch production for superior freshness & quality control.
  • Locally sourced ingredients direct from Canadian farmers, ranchers & fishermen.
  • SQF Level 3 certified production facility – that’s the highest attainable level in food safety recognised by both the FDA & CFIA – human-grade ingredients & quality.

Three Nutritional Levels

Select your Nutrience formula from our Original, Grain Free and Subzero ranges:

NUTRIENCE ORIGINAL available for cats & dogs is a great starting point for moving off supermarket food, or an ideal choice if you need a budget-friendly food that’s still premium quality.  Original offers uncomplicated, wholesome, chicken-based formulas at a great price.  No by-products, no fillers, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  Minimum 25% protein in the dog formulas and 31% protein in the cat. Quality protein meal with no by-products,whole grains, antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables, prebiotics & probiotics.

NUTRIENCE GRAIN FREE for cats & dogs is the next level up.  This range more closely mimics your pet’s ancestral diet with higher levels of protein & no grains.  A great choice for sensitive or allergy-prone pets, or pets with digestive sensitivity to gluten plant proteins.  Grain Free has fresh, never frozen ingredients & offers a variety of formulas with multiple protein sources for a full nutrient profile – and great taste!  Grains are replaced with low GI carbohydrates.  An ideal choice for multi pet households with formulas available for all breeds & all lifestages.  With the added benefits of wholesome fruits & vegetables, Coconut Oil & nutrient-rich botanicals, prebiotics & probiotics.  Grain Free dog formulas are minimum 24% protein & cat formulas minimum 40% protein.

NUTRIENCE SUBZERO for cats & dogs is at the absolute top.  Everything Original & Grain Free offer, plus the benefits of raw yet with the convenience of kibble.  Subzero is the pinnacle of super premium food for pet owners who will not compromise on their pet’s nutrition.  Fresh, never frozen protein.  Grain free formulas for all breeds & lifestages.  Subzero packs a protein punch with protein-rich kibble PLUS freeze-dried raw chunks of chicken or fish, called NutriBoost, which captures the raw goodness of fresh meat & combines it with a complete & balanced, easy to feed kibble formula.  Subzero dog formulas are minimum 38% protein & cat formulas minimum 42% protein.  Amazing taste for fussy eaters.  Coconut oil & marine-source omega-3 for skin & coat.  Wholesome fruits, vegetables & botanicals, prebiotics & probiotics. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what level of Nutrience you choose, every bag of Nutrience has a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - making every bag a risk-free sample, great news for fussy eaters!