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Wanpy Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sushi Rolls

Wanpy Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sushi Rolls

The oven-roasted, low fat Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sushi Rolls from Wanpy are a multi-protein chicken and fish treat that won't spoil your dog's appetite. 

Each chewy roll measures approximately 00 to 00 cm wide x 00cm thick ... and is easily chopped up, or torn up, in to smaller, bite size pieces for training and bait. A good size to stuff in a Kong too with other goodies to keep dogs entertained. A delicious snack between meals.

00% protein and just 0% fat for a treats and training without overly increasing calorie intake. 

Resealable pack. Best kept sealed, stored in a cool, dry place to stay fresher longer.

This is for the 100 gram pack size.