Cat Litter - Clumping

Cat Litter - Clumping

This is the well-known Kitty Fresh brand of activated charcoal clumping cat litter (in the blue bag in smaller sizes), available in bulk 20kg bags.

Kitty Fresh uses a natural bentonite clay in an ideal, smaller, sand size for clumping, with the addition of activated charcoal for extra odour control. This size clumps faster than other clay litters on the market, and also forms a more solid clump to reduce it breaking apart when cleaning out trays. That makes for a cleaner tray plus reduced litter wastage with more, clean litter remaining behind when scooped. Clumps fast around both solid and liquid waste, trapping waste and odour, more hygienic when multiple cats share the same tray. This source of clay has naturally high odour absorbing properties also, considerably reducing unpleasant smells, combined with charcoal for extra odour adsorption. 

Kitty Fresh available in: Natural Clay, Clumping Clay with Charcoal, Pine Pellets and Crystals 

Note: This is for the clumping formula with activated charcoal in 20kg bulk (no branding on bulk packs) 

Instructions for use: Fill trays to a depth of 5cm. Distribute litter evenly around tray. Remove dry clumps regularly with a litter scoop. Redistribute litter in tray after cleaning for even distribution. Top up litter when needed to maintain a 5cm depth for the best clumping action.

  • Natural clumping clay cat litter with activated charcoal