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Is Grain Free pet food really better for your pet?

All is not what it seems when it comes to Grain Free. Many of the same nutritional benefits we look for in what we eat, are now available for our four-legged family members - but does that mean your pet should be on a grain-free food too?

The truth is not all grain free foods are the same...  

Why feed grain free?

The choice to go grain free can be for different reasons. One common one is due to allergy concerns. Your pet may suffer itching, skin & coat or digestive issues, and you're worried it may be the wheat, gluten, rice, soy, oats, barley or other grains in their food that might be a factor.

When you know grains are the cause, or have ruled out other common allergens, the move to grain free makes sense. 

Others consider the move to grain free as a result of the difference they've noticed in their own health by eliminating grains from their diet, and want their pet to benefit too.

No matter the reason why a grain free food appeals to you, consider first: What goes in, when grains get taken out?

The truth behind grain free 

It's easy to assume grain free = more meat. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Grain free is not always a healthier solution for your pet. A lower-quality food doesn't change just because grains are removed.

The truth is, not all grain free foods are the same. Some have higher levels of carbohydrates than the average diet that contains grains. Others replace grains with ‘filler’ type carbohydrates with lower nutritional value than the grains they replace!

What matters is what those grains get replaced by - not just whether a food has grains or not.

Nutrience is different.

Our philosophy is no grains means more room in the bowl for what matters most. More meat. Not more carbs, or lower-quality carbs.

Nutrience Subzero and Nutrience Grain Free are both grain-free, low GI recipes, rich in animal-protein, with added taurine to nutritionally support heart health.

No rice, corn, wheat, soy, oats or barley.

However Nutrience takes nutrition a step further. No by-products, no fillers, no artificial colours or flavours, and naturally preserved. Plus whole food nutrition, using 'nature's superfoods' such as broccoli and blueberries, naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nutrience takes a natural approach to nutrition. Only what pet’s need, nothing they don't, because we believe a healthy lifestyle begins in the bowl.

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