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How to Pick the Best Puppy Food for Your Puppy

Interested in our Nutrience puppy foods and wondering how to pick the best one for your puppy’s specific needs? Nutrience has a variety of puppy foods to suit puppies of all sizes and activity levels. Here’s a little guide to help you choose the right Nutrience puppy food for your puppy.

Our formulas specifically formulated for puppies:

Our SubZero Healthy Puppy Fraser Valley food contains an elevated level of crude protein, perfect for a puppy that is always on the go! Mixed in with our grain-free kibble are freeze-dried Nutriboost cubes which puppies absolutely love. Nutriboost is a mix of animal protein and 4 superfoods: pumpkin, for its digestive properties, cod liver oil which is rich in omega-3, green-lipped mussels for their anti-inflammatory properties, and Acadian kelp, rich in antioxidants. These cubes are freeze-dried to ensure minimal nutritional degradation and provide a taste your pup will adore!

Our Grain Free Puppy formula is a complete, ancestral-based diet with multiple protein sources for variety. Helps puppies reach their full potential. Particularly well suited for sensitive skin, a sensitive stomach or suspected dietary sensitivities. Includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help nutritionally support bones and joints during growth. Includes DHA omega-3 to support brain and nervous system development. 

Our Nutrience Original Healthy Puppy is a tried and true classic. This recipe uses chicken meal and brown rice to provide your puppy with the nutrients and energy they need! Like all Nutrience formulas, this recipe includes salmon oil to promote a healthy skin and coat. This puppy food also contains prebiotics for a healthy digestion, and is made from Canadian sourced ingredients!

Bowie and his SubZero puppy food
Pingou and his Original puppy food

Our formulas formulated for all life stages:

Nutrience has many options that are suitable for all life stages, including puppies, in our Grain-Free and SubZero lines. When a food is suitable for all life stages, it means that it is rich enough to cater to the dietary needs of a growing puppy and falls within the AAFCO recommended guidelines for adult maintenance. With an all-life stages food, it is important to correctly follow the feeding guide. The feeding recommendations will change and eventually plateau as your pup grows.

Our Grain-Free and SubZero lines also have a variety of recipes that cater to small breed puppies and puppies with sensitivities.

If you have a small breed pup, we recommend our Fraser Valley Small Breed or Prairie Red Small Breed formulas which have a smaller sized kibble. These formulas are suitable for all life stages.

Other puppy-friendly options in our SubZero line include Northern Lakes which includes fresh duck, and Canadian Pacific which is a fish-based formula. Both options are chicken and grain-free.

Grain-Free Turkey, Chicken, and Herring recipe is available for both small and medium breeds. This formula uses three different sources of animal protein, providing your puppy with a complete and diverse amino acid profile. With a 34% crude protein level, this food will satiate your puppy and meet all their energetic requirements. Other formulas in our grain-free line include Pork, Lamb and Duck, and Ocean Fish. Both recipes are chicken free and are fantastic options for dogs with chicken or grain sensitivities. Please note that the latter two recipes are only available in medium sized kibble.

Should you need more guidance on which Nutrience puppy food to choose for your puppy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!