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Wanpy Freeze-Dried Shrimp

Wanpy Freeze-Dried Shrimp

Delicious, nutritious, crunchy, freeze-dried 100% Shrimp treats for cats, made by Wanpy

Each little shrimp is about 2cm long with natural variation in size. 56% protein and 16% fat for a delicious, nutritious snack. 

Resealable pack. Best kept sealed, stored in a cool, dry place to stay fresher longer.

This is for the 20 gram pack size. Don't let the weight fool you. Shrimp don't weigh much once the water's removed during freeze-drying, so 20 grams is a LOT of delicious shrimp!

Freeze-drying removes the water without cooking. Dropping the temperature, leaving the meat behind, just without the water. A bit like making jerky out of meat, but at cold temperatures to maintain the maximum nutrition of the raw ingredients.

Crude protein 56.0%

Crude fat 16.0%

Cryde fibre 1.5%

Crude ash 16.0%

Moisture 8.0% 


Treats are used for training and snacks, and should not make up the majority of a pet’s diet. A general rule of thumb is all treats combined should be 10% or less of the pet’s daily calorie intake. Treats are supplemental to a complete and balanced diet, and are not a complete and balanced food. It is recommended to check calorie levels and feed treats appropriately to avoid excessively increasing a pet’s calorie intake, in order to avoid a pet becoming overweight, and to avoid causing an imbalance in the diet.