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Wanpy Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sandwich Bars

Wanpy Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sandwich Bars

The oven-roasted, low fat Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sandwich Bars from Wanpy are a multi-protein chicken and fish treat that won't spoil your dog's appetite. 

Each soft, chewy bar measures approximately 10 to 14 cm long and is easily chopped up, or torn up, in to smaller, bite size pieces for training and bait. A good size to stuff in a Kong too with other goodies to keep dogs entertained. A delicious snack between meals.

28% protein and just 1% fat for a treats and training without overly increasing calorie intake. 

Resealable pack. Best kept sealed, stored in a cool, dry place to stay fresher longer.

This is for the 100 gram pack size.

Crude protein 28.0%

Crude fat 1.0%

Crude fibre 0.5%

Crude ash 3.0%

Moisture 30.0%

Chicken, glycerin, codfish, vegetable protein, starch, garlic powder, contains EC permitted colorants, salt, sugar, vegetable oil.

Treats are used for training and snacks, and should not make up the majority of a pet’s diet. A general rule of thumb is all treats combined should be 10% or less of the pet’s daily calorie intake. Treats are supplemental to a complete and balanced diet, and are not a complete and balanced food. It is recommended to check calorie levels and feed treats appropriately to avoid excessively increasing a pet’s calorie intake, in order to avoid a pet becoming overweight, and to avoid causing an imbalance in the diet.