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Grain Free

Sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free... the same nutritional benefits we look for in what we eat, are now more readily available for your four-legged family members too.

Nutrience offers 2 grain free ranges for your pets: Nutrience Grain Free & Nutrience Subzero. Available in formulas for both cats and dogs.






Should you upgrade to grain free?

Both Nutrience Subzero, and Nutrience Grain Free, are grain free recipes. No rice, corn, wheat, soy, oats or barley. No by-products or fillers. No artificial colours, flavours or artificial preservatives. Nutrience takes a natural, wholefood approach to nutrition. Only what your pet needs, nothing they don't.

However the choice to go grain free is not always because of allergies, although it will help if your pet has a suspected allergy, sensitivity or intolerance to grains. Some breeds are also more likely to be sensitive to certain grains than others.

What matters more when considering an upgrade to grain free, is what gets added instead once grains are removed.

Explore the Nutrience Grain Free range

Nutrience Grain Free PUPPY or KITTEN

Nutrience Grain Free CHICKEN & TURKEY 

Nutrience Grain Free OCEAN FISH 

Nutrience Grain Free PORK, LAMB & DUCK

Nutrience Grain Free HAIRBALL

The myth of grain free

It's easy to assume grain free = more meat or better quality. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Grain free is not always healthier for your pet, because the truth is, not all grain free foods are the same.

Some even have higher levels of carbohydrates than the average diet that contains grains. Others replace grains with filler-type carbohydrates that have lower nutritional value than the grains they replace!

What matters is what those grains get replaced by, not just whether a food has grains or not

Nutrience is different. Our philosophy is no grains means more room in the bowl for what matters most. More meat. Not more carbs, or lower-quality carbs. Nutrience Subzero and Nutrience Grain Free are both grain-free, low GI recipes, rich in animal-protein.

Grains are replaced by nutritious carbohydrates like low-GI sweet potato, instead of high-GI white potato. Ingredients lists can make for interesting reading when you know what to look for.

What’s the difference?

Both Nutrience Grain Free and Nutrience Subzero are grain free. The difference between these two ranges is Nutriboost.

Both ranges have the same protein-rich, grain-free, complete & balanced kibble recipes. However only Subzero includes Nutriboost, chunks of freeze-dried raw meat.

Nutrience Subzero combines the best of raw with a complete & balanced kibble recipe. No meal prep required. That means even more meat in every meal.

Explore the Subzero range

Nutrience Subzero FRASER VALLEY 

Nutrience Subzero PRAIRIE RED

Nutrience Subzero CANADIAN PACIFIC