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Is It Safe to Let My Dog Play in Leaves?

After spending a lot of time inside the house because of the hot and humid summer temperatures, the fall fresh air entices us to go out. What is more fun than playing in leaves with your dog? Besides being perfect for taking awesome photos, it’s also a great way to spend quality time with your furry friend. But is it safe to let your dog play in leaves? Are there any health risks?

Here are some facts to keep in mind when playing in leaves with your dog.

Allergic reactions

Leaves are the ideal place for bacteria and mould to grow, especially after rain. To reduce allergic reactions, it is best to play in dry, freshly raked leaves. Here are some symptoms to look for in your dog after playing in leaves:

  • Itchy skin
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes

If you notice one or some of these symptoms in your dog, we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

Sharp objects

There could be sharp branches or rocks hidden in the leaves. In that case, your dog could get injured when jumping in. It could cause just a small injury, but it could also be more serious.

Insects and small rodents

Leaves are the perfect hiding spot for insects like spiders, ticks and fleas, to name just a few. Furthermore, small rodents like to hide in leaves too. Make sure to carefully inspect your pet’s fur after playing in leaves. Pay special attention to the following areas: eyelids, ears, tail, toes, and underneath the collar.

Here are some useful tips before playing in leaves with your dog

First, make sure your dog has received the proper treatments against ticks and fleas. Then, when raking leaves, make sure that there are no branches or rocks that could injure your pet during playtime. Furthermore, tap the leaves a few times with your rake to ensure that there are no small rodents hiding. Finally, do not play in wet leaves. If leaves are wet, opt for another activity.