Pet Head Shampoo - Feeling Flaky (Strawberry Yoghurt)

Pet Head Shampoo - Feeling Flaky (Strawberry Yoghurt)

Super soothing Pet Head Feeling Flaky formula in the 475ml size is perfect for dogs with dry or sensitive skin and gentle enough for puppies sensitive skin. Moisture-rich formula helps relieve dry, irritated, flaky skin and restores the coats natural shine. Yucca, silk proteins and chamomile combine to soothe, nourish and condition skin and coat. pH balanced and free of petroleum derivatives and DEA, will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed.

Amazing scent! Utterly delicious, fresh strawberry yoghurt fragrance that really does smell like fresh fruity strawberry yogurt - no fake chemical smell - smells good enough to eat!

Note: This is a very thick, super-moisturising shampoo - like golden syrup consistency - so can be diluted for extra lather or when the coat doesn't need an extra-strength treatment. Dilute around 50ml shampoo mixed per litre of warm water. Use undiluted for flaky, dry skin or extra conditioning.

TIP: Just pull the bone-shaped handle straight up to reveal the easy-squeeze dispenser underneath.